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Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Prince Philip Public School website! We hope that you access our website regularly and find the information and links useful. Prince Philip is a great school and we are getting better every day! We have the ambitious goal of being the best school in the world. To that end, students and staff regularly reflect on what the best school in the world looks like and sounds like. What are the students doing? How do they treat each other? What do classrooms look like? What does the library look like? What are staff members doing? What are parents doing? How do we intervene to help students academically and socially? Having it clearly in our minds what makes a school the best in the world allows us to continually strive to get there. Thank you to our hard working staff members for all that they do for our students, and to our School Council for their tireless efforts on behalf of all students and, finally, to our wonderful students who make coming to Prince Philip such a joy.