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About Prince Philip Public School

Construction of the original section of Prince Philip School - 8 regular classrooms and one Kindergarten was commenced by the Grantham Township Area Board in the spring of 1955. The school site was purchased from Mr. Michael Lenchyshyn.

Rapid growth in the area necessitated further accommodation and in March 1956 an addition of 9 classrooms was undertaken. In 1960 renovations were made to make a storage area and a small library room was constructed.

With a considerable increase of population in the school district taking place, further school accommodation was required. The St. Catharines Board of Education proceeded to make the arrangements for the addition of 7 classrooms and a general purpose room.

In May 1966, construction was begun with the projection of pupil occupancy being available in September. Difficulties in construction were encountered and accommodation for pupils was delayed until January 3, 1967. When the alterations were completed and routine was restored to normal, Prince Philip was a beautiful school with 24 classrooms, a Library Learning Centre, offices, staff room and gymnasium/auditorium.

As a result of a contest held among families of this school the Guest Family, designed the "Tree of Learning" to commemorate Centennial Year and the statue now stands in the courtyard of the school.

Prince Philip School now has an enrollment of approximately 460 students and a staff of 24 teachers. With its excellent facilities, this school makes provision for fine educational opportunities for the pupils in this area. Its' facilities are also of value to the citizens of the community, and it is a school of which all citizens may take considerable pride.